Introducing FLOW Digital Infrastructure

SINGAPORE - November 11, 2021 - PAG Real Estate, a leading Asia-focused private investment manager, is pleased to introduce FLOW Digital Infrastructure (, the firm’s new regional platform to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for digital infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.

“As a brand, FLOW captures the essence of digital infrastructure’s importance to the future development of the region,” said the Chairman of the venture, Kris Kumar. “Just as railways, seaports, and airports evolved to manage the flow of physical goods around the world, our investments in digital infrastructure must manage the flow of the bits and bytes that increasingly power our region’s economies and our everyday lives.”

“FLOW Digital Infrastructure is set to be a key player in this revolution,” Mr. Kumar continued, “by strategically investing in physical assets of the digital infrastructure ecosystem, and by providing a seamless, consistent customer offering across the region.”

In addition, FLOW is pleased to announce several new senior hires to the platform:

  • Teruo Iwamoto, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Acquisitions
  • Grant Yabsley, Director, Corporate Development South East Asia
  • Ari Druker, Director, Corporate Development North Asia
  • Danny Sawlani, Director, Investments

Between them, the new team has more than eight decades of experience in the Asian digital infrastructure space, including investment, acquisition, financing and developing digital infrastructure projects.

“At FLOW, our value-add is to go above and beyond business as usual, and to develop a leadership position in the industry through financial, technological, and operational excellence,” said Mr. Kumar. “I am very pleased to announce the joining of these key hires as we continue to build out our best-in-class team.”

Jon-Paul Toppino, PAG Group President, said: “PAG Real Estate has been actively investing in digital infrastructure over the past few years, and we expect to make significant investments in the sector in the years ahead. With FLOW Digital Infrastructure, we are leveraging PAG’s experience, expertise and access to capital to create one of Asia’s leading companies in this space. We are excited to support the team Kris is putting together and are looking forward to working with them to capture the unprecedented opportunities for growth that digital infrastructure represents.”

About FLOW Digital Infrastructure

FLOW Digital Infrastructure is a PAG Company founded to develop a leading digital infrastructure platform in Asia Pacific. The company invests and operates in the key physical assets of the digital infrastructure ecosystem, including cloud, hyperscale and enterprise data centers as well as network and fiber assets, across the Asia Pacific region. FLOW leverages the capital and resources of PAG Real Estate, one of Asia’s largest and most experienced real estate investment platforms. For more information, visit

About PAG Real Estate

PAG Real Estate is one of Asia’s largest and most experienced real estate investment platforms. Founded in 1997 as Secured Capital Japan, it has invested more than $33 billion in Asia, acquiring and managing more than 7,000 properties. PAG Real Estate is part of PAG, a leading Asia-focused private investment manager. PAG employs more than 200 investment professionals in 11 key offices, and currently manages US$45 billion in capital on behalf of institutional investors from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. For more information, please visit

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